Oh Canada Bracelet in Black Onyx


Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

Celebrate with this fun stretchy bracelet in natural gemstones: black onyx, red jade, & white shell, accented with sterling silver spacers and a maple leaf charm.

Bead size: 10cm
Bracelet length: 17cm (6 3/4 “)
Bracelet weight: 43.00 grams

Read below about the meaning behind the use of these gemstones.



Why did I choose these particular stones?

Red Jade has always been seen as a strong Life-Force stone, a stone of high energy that dispels fear and worry. It is also seen as a stone of luck that jump-starts prosperity and physical health.

Onyx is a grounding stone that connects the body to the earth and to family. It is the stone seen to help one to become master of one’s own destiny, and is worn as protection to keep the mind sharp.

White Shells have always been connected to the wide open seas, oceans that can tie distant far-away places together. Shells are thought to enhance a traveller’s luck and to strengthen long-distance relationships.

In my mind, these three stones are so relevant to the Canadian life, to our active life energy, our close connection with the earth and family, and to many of us, our relatives still living in far off lands.

Oh Canada Bracelet in Black Onyx

Additional information

Weight 43.00 g
Dimensions 17 cm


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