‘I am Beautiful’ Pendant


This is the ideal gift for the woman who has discovered the inner beauty within herself, or who has recognized this special beauty within someone else.

This pendant is made in sterling silver, hand-finished, and suspended from an 18″ sterling silver chain. Each pendant has a natural pink tourmaline briolette hanging from the bottom. Read below why I chose to use pink tourmaline.


‘Mosadi’ is an African word for ‘Woman’ – and is pronounced /mu’sa.di/

Mosadi Jewelry is for all women – and especially for women with a story to tell. It is a gift to say: ‘I remember the path you have walked’.

Life can be about heartaches and tears, about illness and sadness, but, life is also about love and healing. Mosadi pendants are gifts for women who have walked their paths in life with dignity, grace and pride. We all know that life always continues. No matter what has happened, it continues, but in a different way. And, because life continues, we remember where we came from, and celebrate where we are, and what we have today.

Pink tourmaline was chosen specifically as at is a stone that touches the heart. It is a relaxing and nurturing stone that is associated with feminine energies, infuses love and spirituality, and is used to heal emotional wounds, helps recover from past hurts and abuse, and achieves peace, joy and serenity. It is a gentle stone that reminds you to love yourself first, to be able to love someone else. It is seen as the stone to bring love and friends into your life.

‘I am Beautiful’ Pendant

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