Hand Painted Umbrella Workshop


Hand Painted Umbrella – 18 August 2018

Paint your own bright and colourful rain umbrella. Paint whichever way you like – fun and funky, wild and wacky, but most of all, be colourful. Protect yourself from the bright sun. Brighten the wet and gloomy Vancouver winter days waiting for us here in the City of Rain. These umbrellas can make wonderful gifts for the upcoming Holiday Season. All tools, paints and umbrellas are provided.

When: 18 August 2018: Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Where: At the LizArt Studio in North Vancouver. More details provided on registration.

Any questions? Call me at Tel.: 604-992-1547 for answers.



A wonderful way of bringing light and colour to your walk outside is to protect yourself from the rain, or sun, with a bright and happy umbrella. Painting your own umbrella adds that personal touch to a well-used protection accessory. Who would not want their own fashionable hand painted umbrella?

Hand Painted Umbrella is a fun and easy workshop. Usually, when you paint fabric, you have to stretch the fabric tight to be able to paint your image properly. Painting an umbrella is easy, as the fabric is already stretched tight. All you have to do is open it up, and paint.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • create a design to best match the dome shape of the umbrella, or
  • use this design from the ready-to-use LizArt Studio templates available to students,
  • easily transfer your design to the panels of the umbrella,
  • use the best tools and paints to paint your umbrella,
  • fix, set and waterproof your umbrella

This workshop is open to everyone and all ages. No specific artistic skills are required. All tools, paints and umbrellas are provided, just bring your own lunch.

This is a one day project and you will finish the day with a hand painted umbrella to take home with you.

If you wish to set up a private class for a group, minimum four, we can schedule that. Call Tel.: 604-992-1547 for information and discounts offered.

Hand Painted Umbrella Workshop


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