Stack Bracelet Haematite & Amethyst


Haematite & Amethyst Bracelet
A  lovely flexible bracelet in steely black haematite & deep purple amethyst with white freshwater pearl and sterling silver accents. Closes with a toggle clasp. Read below about the healing properties associated with these gemstones.

Length: 20cm / 7 1/2″

Wear one, and look cool!
Wear two, and look great!
Stack them in three or more, and look awesome!






Healing Properties of Haematite:
It grounds and protects us and strengthens our connection with the earth. It is called ‘the stone of the mind‘, as it is associated with mental concentration and original thought.
Haematite is linked to the Base Chakra.

Healing Properties of Amethyst:
Birthstone: February
6th Anniversary Gemstone
Amethyst is known to be a powerful & protective stone with strong healing & cleansing powers. It is associated with stress relief & mood balancing, is a natural tranquilizer, calms & stimulates the mind, & encourages sobriety.
Amethyst is linked to the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.

Stack Bracelet Haematite & Amethyst

Additional information

Weight 21.00 g
Dimensions 20 cm


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