For the love of soft, sensual silk …

For many years painting in acrylic was my art form. I found this was a wonderful way to express my love of nature. My paintings of flowers were big, and bold, and on a large scale.

LizArt Studio – Plum Blossom

Somewhere along the line, I started experimenting with applying my bold and colorful flowers onto a silk canvas. I totally fell in love! Painting on silk is a gentle medium that provides such amazing results. It can be abstract. It can be precise and detailed. The colors can be soft and neutral, or it can be vibrant and brilliant. There is so much joy in creating a silk painting that, to me, it has become a passion in my studio.

What inspires me is Mother Nature herself. Flowers, leaves, shells, water reflections, fish, animals, moths, butterflies, birds – the abundant beauty of nature’s forms & colours is all there for an artist to draw from.

As much joy as there is in creating silk art, there is even more joy in wearing one of my silk paintings. Imagine wrapping yourself in the light, soft silkiness of a hand painted silk scarf, or wearing a hand painted silk dress, or bow tie, or falling asleep on a hand painted silk pillow. As silk is a natural fibre, it is breathable. Did you know that silk can regulate your body temperature by keeping you cool on hot days, and warm on cool days? By wearing one of my hand painted silk items, you have all the benefits of a natural fibre, plus wearable art that creates an exclusively unique look for you.


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