For centuries gemstones, rocks and crystals have played important roles in the governing of people and places around the world.

From the earliest Egyptian era gemstones, and their specific colors, have been used as symbolic motifs to promote certain desires. For instance the color green was seen as the color of fertility and new life. Amulets and necklaces in emerald or peridot were worn to enhance these strengths. Lapis Lazuli was another popular stone, as it was believed the

LizArt Studio Lapis Lazuli earrings
Lapis Lazuli earrings by LizArt Studio

color blue represented the heavens and therefore symbolized creation and rebirth.

Malachite was worn to promote inner vision. Wearing carnelian was thought to purify one’s blood. Topaz was used to ward off evil spirits that brought you nightmares. The dead were buried with a quartz crystal on the forehead to guide the soul safely to the afterlife. The list is endless. Many ancient cultures followed such

LizArt Studio Malachite
Malachite Necklace & Pendant by LizArt Studio


Can we truly attach these metaphysical values to stones and turn them into healing crystals? Can a crystal enhance your health, attract your desires, provide protection?

It is believed that electromagnetism could be the explanation. Everything, as we know, vibrates at certain frequencies. These frequencies can shift and alter the frequencies of other objects when they occupy the same space.

Gemstones have vibrations too. Some stones have a stronger vibration than others. Maybe you have heard it said that ‘this is a gentle stone’, or ‘this is a negative stone’, or ‘this stone has strong energy’. This is why some people are drawn to certain stones and physically enjoy holding them.

Would these vibrations in crystals make things happen for you? Well, they will not physically deliver a box

LizArt Studio quartz crystal
Holding a quartz crystal.

filled with your wishes to your front door. Rather, holding a crystal can calm the soul, and give you clarity of mind to see what has always been there, so that you can make the right decision.

To quote Soozi Holbeche: “Crystals do not make things happen, as some people believe. They bring clarity. In addition, they stimulate our inner resources to cope”.

As a gemologist for more than 20 years, and an artist all my life, I often use gemstones in my designs, and may refer to their metaphysical properties when describing them. Please keep in mind the above, when reading about my art.

If you have any questions about gemstones and crystals, please ask in the comments below, and I will answer to the best of my knowledge and experience.

The Mysterious World of Gems

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